Bl 4,5 a 6 i Glan Llyn / Yr 4,5,and 6 to Glan Llyn

Gweler llythyr sy’n amlinellu cwrs preswyl i ddisgyblion blwyddyn 4,5,a 6 i Glan Llyn.

Please see the letter outlining the year 4,5, and 6 residential at Glan Llyn

Glan Llyn llythyr 1 17918 Letter 1 Glan Llyn

Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2020- hysbysu am gyfarfod apel Lleol Tremeirchion / Urdd Eisteddfod 2020- Tremeirchion local appeal meeting

Annwyl rieni – gweler isod neges gan bwyllgor apel lleol Eisteddfod yr Urdd Sir Ddinbych 2020.

Dear parents – please see the message from the local Denbighshire Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2020 Appeals committee.

Annwyl bawb

Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2020 – Apel Lleol Tremeirchion, Rhuallt, Cwm, Waen – Cyfarfod yn yr Hen Ysgol, Tremeirchion, ar Nos Fercher Chwefror 14 am 7 o’r gloch

Fel y gwyddoch, mae Eisteddfod yr Urdd yn dod i Ddinbych ym Mai 2020 ac mae angen codi arian ar ei chyfer ymhob ardal yn y Sir.  Pwrpas y cyfarfod uchod fydd i alw rhai at ei gilydd i ddechrau’r proses yn ein hardal ni.  Gwnaethom waith gwych fel Pwyllgor Apel Steddfod Genedlaethol Dinbych 2013 a rwyn ffyddiog y gallwn wneud llawn cystal yn y misoedd sydd o’n blaenau ni.

Dear all

Urdd Eisteddfod 2020 – Tremeirchion, Rhuallt, Cwm, Waen Local Appeal – Meeting in the Old School Tremeirchion on Wednesday Night February 14 at 7 o’clock

As you know, the Urdd Eisteddfod comes to Denbigh in May 2020 and each area in the County has been asked to raise money towards it. The purpose of the above meeting is to call people together to start the process in our joint villages.  We did sterling work as a Local Appeals Committee for the Denbigh National Eisteddfod in 2013 and I am confident we can do the same during the months ahead.


We shall ensure everyone who attends understands the business of the meeting, which will be bi-lingual.  As a committee in 2013, we would never have reached our target, in fact raised more than our target, without the whole community pulling together to support the activities which were arranged.  In fact, we reached our target, with having organised just 2 events.

If you know of other people who would also like to attend, please ask them to come along as well.

Diolch yn fawr / Thank you very much

Pwyllgor Apel/Appeals Committee Tremeirchion, Rhuallt, Cwm, Waen