Neges gan y Sir / Message from the County


Dear Parent / Guardian

We appreciate that these are very difficult times for you and your families and as a front line key workers you will have significant concerns about provision for your children now schools have closed.   We have been working with our schools to determine the best course of action to support you at this time.   We are aware you have requested support with provision through the online process to identify Key Workers.   We have agreed with schools that the majority of schools will remain open to offer provision for your child / children to enable you to continue to perform your critical duties at this time. 

All schools will remain open with the exception of Ysgol Pendref, Ysgol Trefnant, Ysgol Llanbedr and St Asaph VP.   For key workers who have children in these schools you will be asked to go to your nearest school which will be, Esgob Morgan for St Asaph VP, Ysgol Frongoch for Ysgol Trefnant, Ysgol Frongoch for Ysgol Pendref and Ysgol Borthyn for Ysgol Llanbedr.    We have asked staff from these schools to accompany the children where possible.

School kitchens will be open to provide meals for the key worker children and payment will be through the normal processes.   Pupils of Key workers who are eligible for free school meals will receive a meal as usual.

The arrangements outlined in this letter will be monitored and adapted as circumstances develop, which, as you will appreciate, is occurring at pace. The guidance issued is based on the most recent advice from UK & Welsh Government and from discussions across the Council

It is important that schools and other educational establishments remain safe places for children, and we must prioritise the health of our staff. The fewer children who attend school, the lower the risk that this virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals across the authority.   If you are not a key worker please do not attempt to access this provision.

As other key worker groups are identified parents in these groups must apply via the on line form to be able access the provision.   Schools will themselves be communicating with parents to explain the provision they are offering and the local arrangements including breakfast and after school arrangements if capacity allows.


Many thanks for your continued patience and understanding.